The throat chakra is associated with certain behavioral and psychological characteristics. It represents expression and your ability to speak out and express your truth. It signifies both verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as internal and external communication. The throat chakra connects with the etheric realm, as well as the subtle realms of your intuitive abilities and your spirit. It gives you the inclination to create and project your blueprints and ideas into reality. The throat chakra helps you realize your purpose or your vocation, and it makes sure that you have a good sense of timing. This chakra is all about expressing yourself. It fills you with the truth, with your purpose in life, and with an abundant source of creativity. You must remember that this chakra has a natural connection with the sacral chakra, which is the center of your emotions and creativity. This chakra’s emphasis is on expressing and projecting your creativity to the world according to your perfect form and authenticity. The throat chakra connects you to your spirit. Because of where it is located, the throat chakra is also often seen as the bottleneck when it comes to energy movement in the body. It also releases the pressure that affects your heart chakra, which is located just below it. The throat chakra is connected with the etheric body, which holds the template or blueprint of other dimensions in the body. It’s a significant reference point that aligns the energies through the chakra system. What Causes a Throat Chakra Imbalance? The throat chakra is a significant gateway to your expression and to how you receive the world. It allows you to receive communication from the external world and take it into yourself in a way that can be easily understood. The throat chakra allows you to process information from the information that you receive from other chakras and then express them to the world in a healthy and positive way. It makes it possible for you to be understood, and for things to be let out in a useful way. You can think of the throat chakra as a connector between your heart and head. It literally sits between your head and your heart at the base of your throat. Your heart and brain are in constant communication with each other. Everything that they communicate with each other goes through the throat. This is why you feel your throat constrict when you become emotional, or you feel a lump in your throat when you hold back your tears. This is where your voice resonates to express your thoughts and emotions. You will begin to see challenges and difficulties develop in your upper chest, throat, neck, shoulders, and head when there’s a blockage in this chakra. These difficulties can relate to any problem in the ears, jaw, neck, throat, thyroid, mouth, and the teeth. There can also be issues in the neurological system that can manifest as headaches. Tickles in the throat, hoarseness, and coughs are some of the most common physical symptoms of issues in the throat chakra. It can also trigger autoimmune conditions. Sometimes you can see or feel the tension from the imbalance in the shoulders, and this can manifest in the hands and arms as well. The throat chakra is integral in releasing the energies from the lower chakras. A balanced throat chakra sends energy from the sacral chakra through creative expression, providing a release valve to the throat chakra. It also provides a release for the energy of the solar plexus chakra. It releases any active energy that builds up there. There are certain forms of vocalization that can voice out your feelings and bring balance to your solar plexus and heart chakra. A throat chakra that is out of balance can cause many problems in the lower chakras. It can cause under or overeating. You can become more anxious, and you can have a hard time expressing who you are. The tendency is for you to manipulate, gossip, and be sarcastic and dishonest to protect yourself. The throat is a vital connecting point to the other chakras, but it’s very often blocked or out of balance. This blockage or imbalance can lead to more physical or emotional problems affect the proper functions of the other chakras. The heart and brain are very important electrical centers. When the connection does not function properly, signals cannot be expressed, sent, or received. A throat chakra imbalance or malfunction can happen in many ways, and you are bound to feel it right away because parts of your body will start to function poorly. Our Chakra Series