TreadMill Assembly process Transcript: "Remove the lateral Bolts that hold the motor shroud Carefully remove the motor shroud Assemble the lateral Columns Carefully remove the shrink-wrap from the console with a blade. They are well packaged and the blade could cause scratches on the plastic. So be careful! Assemble the console while standing on the treadmill deck Hold the console at 45-degree angle with the objective of guiding the console cable inside the lateral columns … proceeds with caution. Assemble the console in a way that it is adjusted on the lateral columns of the treadmill (This step, should be conducted by two people for safety) Carefully separate the accessories to assemble, taking into account size and purpose. Adjust by hand the internal superior screws of the console without tightening Adjust the lower screws of the treadmill lateral column without tightening. Once the frontal screw of the column is adjusted, it should be manipulated with care to avoid any damage or cable pinching. Caution: The wire harness can’t rest underneath the crew bolt. Adjust the lower and outside bolts of the opposite column Caution: The wire harness can’t rest underneath the crew bolt. Connect the video cable to the console carefully to avoid any damage to the plug. Connect the Ethernet cable. Proceed with caution to connect the grounding cable Remove the screw and connect the grounding cable On the left side of the treadmill, connect the console power cable. Carefully insert the power supply cabling in a way that it’s well tightened to avoid any tangling Tighten the lateral external screws. Tighten the internal superior screws of the console arms Assemble the bottom left and right cover. Tighten the shroud screws (use small size) Reassemble the motors shrouds without affecting the treadmill columns or the covers Assemble the lateral covers of the bottom part of the machine. Adjust the lateral covers by introducing the plastics in the horizontal groves (For this operation, it is recommended to cut the plastics in the necessary parts to ensure the best possible fit)" TreadMill Assembly