Hey beautiful people!!! Soooooo Aladdin is out in theaters!! I love love LOVE the movie and I absolutely adore Jasmine. She was one of the first brown girls I saw when I was a little girl. I know it sounds crazy because she’s a cartoon but honestly, seeing her when I was younger made me feel better about how I looked. So OF COURSE when I had the opportunity as an adult to dress-up as Jasmine, I jumped at the chance! Watch my transformation and let me know what you think!! Love you guys xx P.S. Make sure you watch my special surprise from my real-life Aladdin 😊 PREVIOUS VID: https://youtu.be/Bf7yl7z1-i0 RELATED VID: https://youtu.be/5s9ijsm_01g LET’S BECOME FAMILY! SNAP: HudaBeauty \ صفحة سناب شات BLOG: http://hudabeauty.com \ المدوّنة الالكترونيّة INSTA: http://instagram.com/hudabeauty \ صفحة الانستقرام FB: http://facebook.com/hudabeauty \ صفحة الفايسبوك TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hudabeauty \ صفحة التويتر DISCLAIMER: Jasmine, Aladdin and the Genie are property of Disney. Thank you for always inspiring us Disney!! Now everyone go see the movie! 😘 PRODUCTS TONYMOLY Intense Care Gold Snail Eye Mask https://beautysesh.com/shop-all/tonymoly-intense-care-gold-snail-eye-mask/ Benefit Precisely My Brow Eye Pencil: 5 https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/ae/en-gb/precisely-my-brow-eyebrow-pencil Filaderme Emulsion https://www.worldwide.embryolisse.com/products/filaderme-emulsion Tatcha The Silk Canvas Filter Finish Protective Primer https://www.tatcha.com/product/SILK-CANVAS.html Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation: Macchiatto https://www.shophudabeauty.com/us/en_US/faux-filter Filaderme Emulsion https://www.worldwide.embryolisse.com/products/filaderme-emulsion Huda Beauty The New Nude Palette https://www.shophudabeauty.com/us/en_US/the-new-nude-palette.html Huda Beauty Melted Shadows: Faux Fur and Double Pump Latte https://www.shophudabeauty.com/us/en_US/melted-shadows.html Clé de Peau Beauté Intensifying Liquid Eyeliner https://www.cledepeaubeaute.com/intensifying-liquid-eyeliner/9990000000154.html?dwvar_9990000000154_color=1&cgid=makeup-eyes-eye-liners Huda Beauty NYMPH Not. Your. Mama’s. Panty. Hose.: Aphrodite https://www.shophudabeauty.com/default/n.y.m.p.h---aphrodite/HB00307.html Huda Beauty Overachiever Concealer: Granola https://www.shophudabeauty.com/default/the-overachiever-concealer/HB00121M.html Huda Beauty Tantour: Medium https://www.shophudabeauty.com/default/tantour Huda Beauty Easy Bake: Banana Bread https://www.shophudabeauty.com/us/en_US/easy-bake Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face Setting Spray https://www.shophudabeauty.com/default/resting-boss-face-setting-spray/HB00155.html Huda Beauty Classic Lash: Scarlett https://www.shophudabeauty.com/default/fake-eyelash/HB00045.html Huda Beauty Lip Contour Matte Pencil: Trendsetter https://www.shophudabeauty.com/default/lip-contours Huda Beauty Power Bullet Matte Lipstick: Interview https://www.shophudabeauty.com/default/power-bullets-category1